Locals go with tai chi flow to mark 50 years

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Narrogin members practising Tai Chi.Picture: Supplied
Camera IconNarrogin members practising Tai Chi.Picture: Supplied

The Narrogin Taoist Tai Chi group offered a free class to the public last Thursday night in celebration of the art’s 50th anniversary.

The not-for-profit group has joined many other branches of the Taoist Tai Chi Society of Australia in offering free classes in 50 locations around WA.

The free class was deemed a success, with locals giving tai chi a go at Mackie Park last Thursday.

The Narrogin club has been practising Taoist tai chi for 28 years.

Narrogin Taoist Tai Chi spokeswoman Avril Baxter said the practice was introduced to the Western world 50 years ago by a Taoist monk named Master Moy Lin Shin.

“Today, residents of Narrogin and surrounds are benefiting from the practice of this health art,” she said. Taoist tai chi is described as a slow but rigorous series of movements that work on the whole body and mind.

Narrogin member Lorraine Larment said she had been on an inspiring health journey with the help of the practice.

“Taoist Tai Chi has absolutely been a benefit to me,” she said.

“It has physically strengthened parts of my ancient anatomy that needed to be put to the test many years ago.

“I am also mentally challenged at each session and tai chi has rewarded me with valuable friendships.”

Tai chi is said to be able to boost immune function, help control symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, and improve mood and cognitive function.

Ms Baxter said Taoist tai chi was accessible to all, with exercises easily modified for any skill level.

“Many people do tai chi because they like the idea of combining exercise with something relaxing and meditative,” she said.

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