Bomb Disposal officers deployed to Narrogin

Narrogin Observer

WA Police TRG Bomb Disposal officers attended to an explosive substance discovered at the Narrogin Old Courthouse Museum on Egerton Street today.

The offending substance was a small tin containing a crystalline powder called Picric Acid.

Picric Acid was kept in medical kits to dress wounds and burns, and was used as an aid to TNT to make grenades and bombs during the First and Second World wars.

The tin and its contents were over 100 years old and formed part of the Narrogin Old Courthouse Museum’s medical exhibit.

In the interests of the safety of the Museum volunteers and visitors, the Shire took preventative action to close the Museum on Wednesday to await further advice.

On Friday morning, WA Police TRG Bomb Disposal officers entered the Old Courthouse Museum and assessed the tin and the site and followed a strict disposal procedure whereby the tin was buried in a deep hole, covered with water and detonated.

Additional safety measures were in place around the building with the installation of temporary fencing, a brief and partial road closure at the intersection of the Old Courthouse Museum and the Shell Service Station, and the temporary closure of the Shell Service Station to customers until the disposal was completed.

The process was supported by Department of Fire and Emergency Services and Narrogin Police. There was no damage sustained to any individuals or infrastructure.

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